Perrens named Sports601 Hattiesburg Softball Co-Players of the Year

Lauren and Alex Perren share a special bond. The twins came into this world together, and they’ve been inseparable ever since, with the exception of second grade through the rest of elementary school. 

“We weren’t allowed in the same class because we would just squabble so much,” the eldest, Lauren, said. “That’s just because we were so competitive and grew up around it. They didn’t understand.

“But we definitely matured, and now it’s healthy.”

However, their sibling rivalry rages on. 

“Every sport we play, we compete in. Academically, we compete too,” Alex said. “That’s what makes us excel the way we do, competing with each other.”

That being said, Alex is Lauren’s biggest fan, and vice versa. 

“We challenge each other, that’s definitely the reason we’ve gotten so far,” Lauren said. “Because if I’m falling behind, she’ll say, ‘Come on, pick it up’, and if I see she’s kinda slacking, I’ll say, ‘Come on, we need to go do this’. We definitely push each other, but it’s out of love. We just love seeing each other succeed.”

The Oak Grove softball players had a front-row seat to success as juniors in 2019. 

From sophomore to junior year, Alex raised her batting average 48 points, as she went from hitting .458 to .506. 

“My goal was to actually move it up about 100 points,” Alex said. “I didn’t quite achieve it, but I got pretty close and that was pretty cool. Mentally, I got stronger. I worked on the mental side of the game a lot.”

Meanwhile, Lauren’s average skyrocketed 177 points to .421 this past season. 

“Last year was not a good year for me,” Lauren said. “It wasn’t my best year, but in the offseason, I worked really hard. I saw the results on the field this year, and it felt really nice.”

Together, the two juniors combined for 73 hits and 65 RBI, and both had an on-base percentage of over .500 for the Lady Warriors, who reached the second round of the Class 6A playoffs. 

“Normally, if Alex goes up and has a good at-bat, Lauren has one right behind her,” Oak Grove coach Gary Ivy said. “They were key elements to our offense, and they both play great defense too.”

Alex ended up behind the plate at catcher and Lauren at shortstop, but they started out as pitcher and catcher. 

“The chemistry, with pitching and catching, was amazing,” Alex said. “I called pitchers for her [Lauren], and we basically knew who wanted to do what.

“It’s almost like we’re telepathic, but we’re not.”

Lauren and Alex are Sports601’s Softball Co-Players of the Year.

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Zac is a graduate of West Jones High School and the University of Southern Mississippi. He's in his fifth year covering sports in the Hattiesburg area.

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