Allegations of misconduct have been made against Heidelberg High School girls basketball Head Coach Marcus Luckett. According to family members of a female basketball player at Heidelberg, Luckett instructed teammates of the player to physically assault her in the locker room at halftime during a Heidelberg game on January 4. He allegedly made the request following what he called “a poor performance” by the player in the first half.

“We are here to get justice for what is going on at Heidelberg High School,” said a family spokeswoman, Terion Jones. “[The player] was attacked by her teammates at the request of coach Marcus Luckett, and her teammates did just that.”

According to family members, the player was taken to the doctor on Sunday with bruises on her body.

“Her condition is that she has bruised ribs,” added Jones. “She’s mentally going through a hard time right now too. She can’t sleep and can’t eat. It’s been a humiliating situation for her.”

The family members are requesting Luckett and his assistant coach, who allegedly witnessed Luckett’s request in the locker room before both stepped out shortly after the halftime speech, to be fired from the school.

“We don’t condone this kind of behavior on the east side of Heidelberg,” added Sherry Jones. “I want all of those involved gone. They allowed and encouraged this to go on. They all should be gone. They should not be allowed to work with our kids.”

The spokeswomen at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon also conveyed other unacceptable actions by Luckett, which they allege occurred before last Saturday’s incident.

The East Jasper School District released the following statement on Wednesday morning regarding the alleged misconduct: “At this juncture, the alleged incident in question is under investigation by East Jasper School District administrators. As such, no action has been taken at this time. Further, per District policy, comments cannot be shared regarding personnel-related or student-related matters. As always, our District remains committed to the pursuit of excellence, and we strive daily to prepare our students to be positive and contributing members of a global society,” said Superintendent Nadene Arrington.

We will report further information as it becomes available.

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