Enterprise running back Kristian Milsap (3) runs over a Bay Springs defender Thursday night in Region 5-2A action.

Slow and steady won the race.

Enterprise swallowed up seven minutes of game clock on Thursday night's first offensive possession - the final seconds of the seventh minute ended with an 11-yard touchdown run. On nine possessions, Enterprise wasted away over 30 of the night's 48-minute contest versus Region 5-2A foe Bay Springs, scoring five times for 36 points.

Bay Springs didn’t help their cause one bit, committing crucial penalties at inopportune moments and three turnovers. All that ended in Enterprise shocking Bay Springs on Senior Night, 36-22.

"Down 30-22, we intercepted a pass and ran it in for a touchdown, but we commit a block-in-the-back penalty several yards behind the play," said Bay Springs head coach Dan Brady. "I don't know what to say about that. We get the ball again - throw a touchdown pass but commit a holding penalty behind the play. We get the ball again - run a hook and lateral, and drop the ball. We get the ball again - drive again, and fumble the ball.

"Slow and steady did win the race [for Enterprise], but the more disciplined team won. We're not disciplined, and that's our problem right now."

Limited to eight possessions - one less than Enterprise - Bay Springs squandered away five on penalties, turnovers and negative plays.


Bay Springs head coach Dan Brady waits for a call from officials after a penalty versus Enterprise. 

“Players have to make plays,” added a frustrated Brady. “Everyone’s looking for a special recipe, but at the end of the day, the players who make plays win the game. You can draw up plays in the Spread, Wing-T, Maryland I, Wishbone, but none of that matters. If you don’t make plays, it doesn’t matter.”

Bay Springs answered the first two Enterprise scoring drives with touchdowns of its own, keeping momentum neutral. Then things settled in Enterprise’s favor.

Momentum Change:

Down 16-14 with mere seconds left on the game clock in the first half, Enterprise fumble in the red zone yards from the goal line. They recovered, rushed to the line of scrimmage, and scored as the buzzer rang out loud. The solo-yard touchdown run put Enterprise on top, 22-16, after a successful two-point conversion. Bay Springs never recovered or led again.


The loss puts Bay Springs in an uncomfortable situation. The Bulldogs need a win next Friday night versus Jasper County rival Heidelberg to avoid a lowly fourth-seed playoff spot. Playoffs start in two weeks.

"It will be between Heidelberg and us," said Brady. "Whoever wins will be the three seed, and whoever loses will be the fourth seed. Here's how it works: if you win next week, you'll head to Scott Central [in Round 1], who won the 2A State Championship last year. If we would have won tonight, we'd be playing at home versus Union.

“But it is what it is. When you wet the bed, you wet the bed.”

Scoring plays for Bay Springs:

First-quarter, 4:03 - 60-yard rush by freshman Ty Jones and two-point conversion (8-7 Bay Springs).

Second-quarter, 6:53: 8-yard rush by senior Adrian Cole and two-point conversion (16-14 Bay Springs).

Third-quarter, 2:21- 40-yard pass from senior Adrian Cole to senior Anthony Wheaton and no two-point conversion (22-30 Enterprise).

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