James Pugh

Well played Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Well played.

Less than a week ago, with the news of California placing far-reaching restrictions on its state due to COVID-19, Desantis made a kind gesture to professional teams in California how they were welcome to take up a temporary home in Florida. 

Days later, California Governor Gavin Newsom, Monday to be exact, announced a sudden change of heart. All in a matter of a week, as Clay Travis says.

Whether Florida played a significant part in this reversal is unclear, but I'm positive it played a role.

This lends itself to positive signs for those starved of professional sports.

We’ve already seen some professional sports such as Nascar and Golf resume play to some extent in recent days. 

On Sunday, Nascar returned with the Real Heroes 400 at Darlington Raceway. It received 6.32 million viewers and a rating of 3.27 and was the most-watched non-Daytona race since 2017. Nascar will feature seven more races in the next 11 days. 

Also, on Sunday, the Golf Channel aired a charity event entitled "TaylorMade Driving Relief." The golf tournament of sorts raised over five million dollars towards COVID-19 relief efforts.

While these are not sporting events watched by the majority of sports fans across the nation, it’s a start. 

Major League Baseball is planning its return as long as players agree to pay cuts. Unfortunately, the players are not for it. That's a shame, and selfish if you ask me, considering they're in better financial shape than the rest of Americans who have had to take pay-cuts and are not in financial shape to do so. But maybe those players will come to their senses and do what is necessary to get baseball up and going. 

Now, all we need is a ray of hope when it comes to high school sports for the fall. I don't believe the upcoming MHSAA football season will be impacted in a significant way, but I do think some changes will be made, in some form or another. 

This Thursday, the MHSAA will meet to discuss the possible reinstatement of summer workouts. So far, the MHSAA has acted responsible and reasonable in response to COVID-19. I love for that to continue, regardless of their short-term decision.

Note: Kevan Lindsey just posted an article on the return of baseball this summer in Mississippi, featuring several area kids called “Deep South Summer Collegiate League looks to showcase more than 100 baseball players on the baseball diamond.” 

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