James Pugh

My plan is slightly different from the one most college and professional leagues are putting forward.

As we ‘slowly’ creep back into our pre-COVID-19 lives, so comes the positive news from leagues like the MLB. According to those with inside information, Major League Baseball is submitting a plan forward that could bring baseball back by in early July.

Great news.

But the plan does come with some disappointing news, at least for those who can’t wait to enter a ballpark again and eat themselves into heart disease. From what I’ve gathered, no fans will be allowed to attend those early games. As a fellow American, who understands the severity of COVID-19 yet believes we’ve been sent to the edge of another Great Depression by panic mongers in our response, I have a different proposal.

And here it is:

Allow ‘some’ fans into the stadium.

If people can go to Walmart, Lowes, Target, etc., then a ballpark can let fans into a stadium as long as it’s not filled to more than 30-40 percent capacity.

How does that work if we have a six-foot social distancing rule? Easy; fill every third or fourth seat and skip a row, fill every third or fourth seat and skip a row, and so on.

What about concessions stands? I'm glad you asked. If you've visited Walmart in the past two months, yet you have a problem with a concession stand to be open and practicing social distancing, then the ole thinker upstairs (a.k.a the brain) needs to be dusted off.

So what does all this accomplish? A lot more than you think. It employees a few more people currently unemployed, it gives Americans a small sense of normalcy and sanity, and for a short time helps us forget the troubles of the day and focus on brighter days ahead.

Baseball is an outside game, and according to the CDC, COVID-19 is not that big of a threat outside than it is indoors.

After all, that is precisely what we need right now.

Of course, there are a lot of other moving parts but they can all be sensibly figured out with the use of common sense, which seems to be a superpower these days.

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