PCS vs. Sumrall

Presbyterian Christian's defense stuffed Sumrall all night, forcing the shutout. 

One might look at the 3-0 score in the Battle of the Bobcats and think this was a snooze-fest. Two field goal attempts in the entire game, with only two possessions in the redzone by either team. My, would their analysis be wrong.

Defensive stops and turnovers forced throughout the night kept Presbyterian Christian's and Sumrall's fans on edge throughout the entire contest. It all led to a successful 20-yard, against the right hash field goal from senior kicker Garrett Lunceford to give Presbyterian Christian their fourth victory of the season.

Head coach Derek White was quick to give Sumrall and head coach Shannon White props.

"They are a heck of a football team. I have so much respect for coach White and they are really good on defense. They are struggling a little bit through injuries, but it was a great football game and everyone on this field played their butts off."

He also had a lot to say about his senior kicker and the drive that led to the kick.

"He won the game for us point-wise. We drove down there though, knowing we would eat up the clock. We thought we had them gassed a little bit, but they played a lot of snaps. Their defensive line is really good. We had a lot of confidence in Garrett. He's already had a game-winner one time against Escambia Academy. We felt good about our odds and were excited for him to get to do it."

Derek also talked about leading up to the play that gave Presbyterian Christian the field goal lead and more about his overall team.

Garrett Lunceford - PCS

Garrett Lunceford boots the 20-yard field goal through the uprights. 

"Someone said it was a bad angle but I thought as much as he kicks every day I thought we would be okay and that he would be okay to get it done. You know, the selfish part of me wanted to punch it in. I'm sure we had a lot of yards, but we had a lot of things that hurt ourselves be it penalties or turnovers. Garrett comes up in the clutch though and that's what you want from your seniors. You want them to lead the foot all team."

Lunceford said after the game that he was pretty nervous that he could make the kick at a tough angle.

"To be honest I was extremely nervous heading out there. We hadn't scored any points for the entire game. In the fourth quarter, it was still scoreless and I knew it was going to be all up to me once we got down there. I knew it was going to be a tough kick because the snapper had to turn to his side a bit. Once I got up there though, I wasn't as nervous."

Momentum Change:

With less than 10 minutes to go in the game, Sumrall's Cruz Freeman intercepted a PCS pass. However, on the following play, Jake Sumrall fell on a Sumrall fumble. That gave Presbyterian Christian a chance to drive down the field and get the lone score of the night.

Player of the Game:

Garrett Lunceford booted the 20-yard field goal, while the Bobcat defense played lights out the entire night.

Quote of the Night:

"We are the Cardiac Cats I can tell you that right now, but what makes you different is every play you all feel like you have a chance to win." - Derek White, Presbyterian Christian head football coach


Sumrall's Cruz Freeman had two interceptions for the Bobcats on the evening, and Sumrall forced four turnovers total on the night (two fumbles, two interceptions).

Presbyterian Christian's Jake Sumrall had the only fumble recovery of the night for the Bobcats.  

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