For TJ Hogan and Jeremiah Montgomery, they made their dreams a reality Thursday afternoon as they signed to further their basketball and academic careers signing to play at the collegiate level.

“I’m pretty excited. It all feels like a dream,” said Hogan who signed with Milsaps College.

“I wanted to major in business and entrepreneurship but also wanted to have fun and continue to play basketball. I have been looking at Milsaps and they have been looking at me since the spring of my junior season. It is still close to home, but it is a good distance away at the same time. I can come home if I want or need to while having some distance to be independent,” explained Hogan.

Montgomery signed to play for Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, also fulfilling his dream to play at the next level.

“It has been a dream for me to play basketball at the college level and compete against other college athletes. It is such a great opportunity. PCS has prepared me not just as a basketball player but as a man too. Spiritually, being able to read the Word in class, grow my relationship with God, and to be able to get out here on the court and praise God with a group of people that come together and be a team.”

“Mississippi Gulf Coast is close to home. Their program is nice. I saw others play there then go on to play D1 basketball, so I thought it would be good to take my talent there and give myself a shot,” said Montgomery.

Athletic Director Rob Shillito has watched both young men throughout the years succeed, and he believes both will do it again at the next level.

“I’m incredibly proud of these kids. I said earlier it is always exciting to have kids go to the next level, and in particular, when they do it the right way. They have put in so much hard work and they are great kids. TJ is one of the most fun-loving kids you will ever find. Jeremiah is one of the most exciting kids on the court you will ever find. They both put in so much hard work.”

“It has been different this time around. We had a limited crowd trying to keep things as safe as possible, and we all are wearing masks. Even with all the differences, seeing the kids as excited as they are, having their teammates here is big. That is the one group we wanted to have here. That made things even more special for these guys,” explained Shillito about the process of signing day during COVID.

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