Jason Thompson

Jason Thompson signs with Jones College.

Jason Thompson played high school football for one season. That one season was enough to make an impact not only for Collins but colleges as well. With multiple offers, Thompson decided to stay "home" as he signed with Jones College to continue his football career.

"It means a lot to be able to sign today after only playing one year of football. I never thought I'd be here. It is a blessing. I just want to thank God and my coaches for putting me in this position and giving me the opportunity," said Thompson.

The decision came down to tradition for the linebacker and defensive end.

"It really is a tradition. My aunt went to school there, and I just wanted to keep that going. It means a lot to me, and a blessing to be able to keep that tradition."

Collins head coach Eric Booth has witnessed tremendous growth on and off the field from Thompson.

"It's great what Jason has been able to do. I've been here four years and in his sophomore and junior years, I tried to get him to come out and play. In his junior year, he came out to play in the spring game and immediately got four or five offers. I told him to come out because of the size he has schools wanted a big kid like him. Here he comes his senior season and still played well and the offers were still there. He chose Jones College though, and that's where he wants to be. He's a great kid and once he gets in their weight room with other kids and develops at linebacker or defensive end, he will be fine," said Booth.

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