Kevan Lindsey

Photo/John Larson

On a scale of 1-10, how sports starved are you? If you ask me, it might be an 11.

Good news is on its way, however, as professional leagues are slowly beginning to work out preparations to come back. NASCAR has announced to come back and they will be on the track this Sunday as they prepare to host multiple races a week to get all of the races in.

Meanwhile, the MLB is in talks of starting their season around July, namely close to the Fourth of July. How fitting is it that we could see MLB baseball on the weekend we celebrate our Independence? I know that I will be eating some BBQ and watching a bit of baseball if it indeed happens.

My favorite sport, the NFL, recently released its schedules for teams. There is talk that their season could be delayed, but they are attempting to push forward. There will likely be little to no preseason, but who likes preseason football anyway?

The NBA is reopening facilities attempting desperately to find a way to finish out their season despite some pushback. If we get to watch LeBron James square off with Kawhi Leonard in a playoff series it could be the most excited I’ve been over basketball in years.

On the local level, the Deep South Summer Collegiate League is working on things to get baseball in for players to get in summer baseball. More details will be coming soon on that, but it appears to be shaping up well.

The MHSAA announced today that we could see all high school activities start on June 1st if things go well. That is the most exciting thing to here for a local sports editor in the Pine Belt.

While there are pressing matters that must be addressed as a nation, I believe there is a bit of brightness over the horizon. Sports are a getaway for many things for many people. Will it stop the fear of a global pandemic or make it go away? Doubtful. I do believe sports will be an instrument that gets us moving forward and taking the steps in the right direction.

We desperately need that in the good ole USA and locally in the Pine Belt.

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