Kevan Lindsey

Photo/John Larson

Less than two months.

It feels like forever, but we are now counting down the days until week one of the high school football season. Teams are working out, albeit cautiously, with some starting this week while a few started the first week of June.

This week I will be making my way to some of our Sports601 coverage area teams, speaking with coaches about the upcoming season. With that comes designing, editing, and generating ideas for our 2020 magazine.

It is my favorite part of the job. Seeing athletes working out to get better. Training for the season. Growing and maturing. Hearing how far they have come over the summer months, and things coaches are attempting to implement in their system.

Our Hattiesburg Impact/Sports601 magazine idea has been in place since around February, and it is beginning to come together as both myself and James Pugh are forming similar magazines. The theme will certainly be “strange” as I put “things” together in the coming weeks, but I decided to follow up on the first original baseball magazine with the Hattiesburg Impact’s first original themed football magazine.

Be on the lookout for teaser images leading up to the season, and make sure to get your copy the week before the season opener. You can eat your breakfast waffles, or go to the local ice cream parlor to read about your favorite team.

Hopefully, you will understand the hints for what the magazine theme will be in this week’s column.

We sure are excited.

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