Kevan Lindsey

Photo/John Larson

A rocking gym

I know the outcome did not turn out how Petal wanted it to last Friday evening. An 88-53 defeat at the hands of their rival made some fans leave the gym early. However, I want to recognize both schools. That was the loudest high school gym I have ever been in, and arguably the loudest gym I’ve ever been in. Keep in mind I have been to college gyms and this high school game surpassed most I can think of off of my head.

From Petal’s own Caleb McGill dunking the opening basket to Jay Barnes’ final three-point shot, the crowd got louder and louder. It was truly a great environment to be in from start to finish. Pat yourselves on the back, you helped make the atmosphere fun and fantastic.

Southern Miss basketball needs you

While we are on the subject of fans and rocking gyms…

Southern Miss men’s basketball has had a tough road trip, losing three-straight games. We all should realize that head coach Jay Ladner has a massive job ahead of him to rebuild this team and turn things around. That will not come overnight. What Southern Miss fans need to do though is show up to Reed Green Coliseum this Thursday and Saturday as the Golden Eagles take on North Texas and Rice.

Tickets are inexpensive and a family of four can realistically go for as low as $36.

Home-court advantage means a lot for basketball games, and it will certainly go a long way to help a young Golden Eagles team with a first-year head coach. Get on the bandwagon now, because I believe Ladner will have his team competing soon.

Another nail-biter for this Cheesehead

Nothing can come easy for Green Bay in the 2019 season. With eight games decides by one possession or less, Sunday’s NFC Divisional game was no different. After going up 21-3 in the second quarter, Seattle stormed back in the second half thanks to Russell Wilson and his scrambling ability to make plays.

I was able to tune in during the fourth quarter and bite my nails off as it appeared Green Bay would fold. Flashbacks to the 2014 NFC Championship filled my head until Aaron Rodgers found Davante Adams on third down, recapturing some of his former glory that the now 37-year-old quarterback once had. The game was sealed as former Seahawk Jimmy Graham [he did get to the line, don’t trust the FOX first down line] caught another third-down pass from Rodgers to seal the game.

At this point, I’m relieved that Green Bay won and they are now playing with house money since no one expected them to be here.

With that said, I’ll leave you all with this: Go. Pack.Go.

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