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Defying the preseason odds

Driving back to the office last Friday evening, I listened to Supertalk as the guys wrapped up Friday night’s scores. The subject of 6A football came up. Everyone seemed surprised at Petal’s successful season and the fact that Oak Grove dominated Pearl.

While the Warriors dominating win over Pearl was a bit surprising, the fact of both the team’s success is not.

Petal is one of the most complete teams in the entire state. Add great coaching with Marcus Boyles, Cory Reynolds, and others, that sets you up for success.

Sitting over in Oak Grove is another great coach. Drew Causey stuck with his quarterback despite some noise from the outside, and they have all but locked up the two seed in arguably the toughest region in the state.

I’m sure Pearl, Brandon, and others in the central Mississippi and above area are attractive to people when exposure and polling come around, but don’t overlook these teams south of Highway 84. They’ll wreck your preseason polls by defying the expectations and odds.

Showdown in Tuscaloosa, Game of the Century 2.0?

Some of my readers might remember a little game in 2011 titled, “The Game of the Century.”

Alabama and LSU squared off, both dominating their opponents while being #1 and #2 in the nation. Media outlets everywhere dubbed it the biggest ga,e in college football ever. Sound familiar? That’s because it is happening again.

Only this time neither team has a dominant defense. I would argue neither team has truly been tested (Texas ain’t back, y’all). Will this game live up to the hype? Probably so.

People love offense, and with an over/under over 60 points, we should get points. If you asked me to pick a team right now, I would go with the Tide. They have NFL-ready wide receivers, an underrated rushing attack, and the greatest head coach of all-time at the helm. I do love some Ed Orgeron, though.

I expect Alabama to continue their winning streak to eight in a reaux come Saturday night.

Wetting the bed in LA

One week after hyping up my quarterback, he goes and “wets the bed” as Bay Springs head coach Dan Brady would likely say.

My Packers were dominated, slaughtered, and ran out of town yesterday. The entire Packers offense must have forgotten how to football Sunday.

As it goes in football, things happen. I still believe in Green Bay, but the loss was concerning. Preston Smith and the defense did a decent job early, but couldn’t withstand the attack by the Chargers.

If there is a silver lining, at least those sorry Bears, Vikings, and Lions lost. And I didn’t have to hear about Drew Brees and the Saints getting a win since they were on a BYE.

Small moral victories.

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