Kevan Lindsey

Photo/John Larson

Life has a funny way of shaping you.

If you had asked me when I was a teenager what I would be doing at 30, it would likely revolve around working in mechanics. My dream was to be involved in NASCAR. Around 15 years ago, I planned to head to Mooresville, North Carolina to attend NASCAR Technical Institute and become involved with a team.

Things changed.

What happened over the next few years led me to pick up a camera and eventually start freelancing for papers. I partnered with a couple of guys to form a business that covered games regularly. After people moved and left for other positions, I had all intentions of freelancing once again.

Things changed.

James Pugh approached me about an open position with Buckley Newspapers. I met with the editors, owner, and so on in which I became the Sports Editor for the Hattiesburg Impact. Over the past year, the people I have met and stories I have been able to cover make this job not feel like a ‘job.’

Covering Petal vs. Oak Grove football for the South State Championship, Purvis vs. FCAHS in a district rivalry basketball game, PCS girls basketball’s improbable playoff run, and other memorable events still give me goosebumps.

Still, things change.

During press week for the football magazines, I was asked to take the position of Co-Editor with friend and co-worker James Pugh for the Laurel Impact. A huge task and responsibility. Life, though, has a funny way of shaping you.

Laurel is unique. From downtown which keeps growing and prospering to Friday night football “Between the Bricks,” there is always something happening to report.

Hattiesburg is not forgotten. There is plenty of cross-coverage as far as sports, and I will be sure to try and make it to as many of those games as possible. Southern Miss sports will still be covered. This is just another part of life change and a new chapter beginning.

Things change, but my love of our community will never.

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