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Hello, Hattiesburg.

Today marks my first full week in the office. With just a few short weeks before the first games of high school football, along with the start of college football, I feel like this is a hasty introduction. However, I hope this is the first of many stories you read from me with the Hattiesburg Impact/Sports601.

My name is Kevan Lindsey. I have covered sports in freelance roles and co-founded a local company to help lead the charge for local sports in south Mississippi. A few weeks ago, my long-time friend and dare I say a mentor of sports coverage, James Pugh, came to my office and presented me with an opportunity I could only dream of - covering Forest, Lamar, and Covington County athletics. The following week, I interviewed with The Impact - nervous as I could be - putting on my best poker face. Here we are now, and I can say that I am officially the new sports editor for the Hattiesburg Impact region.

Just so you know a little about me, as previously mentioned I have covered area sports for quite some time now. Around five years to be exact. I have witnessed the great rivalry that is Petal vs. Oak Grove. What both of those programs have accomplished is amazing. I also watched Collins go back-to-back in Starkville and Oxford to become state champions. Despite covering Jones County for the majority of my time, there were times when I thought I would need Hattiesburg offensive linemen to protect me from the Laurel faithful when I picked the Tigers over the Tornadoes in the Little Brown Jug game.

On a larger scale, I am a Southern Miss supporter, along as an Auburn Tigers fan. I know, I know. Save your boos and hisses. The older I become, and the more local high school athletes make it to the next level, my heart tends to pull for other schools to succeed. I am also a St. Louis Cardinals, Memphis Grizzlies, and Green Bay Packers fan. One of my first memories of sports was watching my football hero Brett Favre run across the field with his helmet off after hitting Andre Rison for a 54-yard touchdown pass in the Super Bowl. Typing that still gives me goosebumps.

As I wrap this up, I hope you find the content I produce thoughtful, engaging, and worth your time. To the players and coaches, I hope you all understand that I will do my best to be your biggest supporter. I want to see you all succeed, not just when you are on the sidelines or the bases, but when you are in the classroom, behind a desk, or walking down the street. I believe we are called to something bigger, and we have to make the most of this life. With that said, let's go play the games we love. God Bless.

Sports Editor

Soli Deo Gloria • Sports Editor for Sports601/The Impact • Covering Forrest, Lamar, and Covington County

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