Kevan Lindsey

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Back to normal

It seems like forever since we have had a normal week. Between Christmas break, bowl games, and traveling our weekly routines have been thrown into a blender. I’m sure the same can be said for students, too.

All in all, I spent 45 total hours strictly on the road from December 28th to January 5th. From Pigeon Forge to New Orleans, the to Ft. Worth and back, I feel like the Johnny Cash song “I’ve Been Everywhere” should have been my theme song for the week.

It is now Monday and here we are. Back to a bit of normalcy if you can call it that. District play is starting on the hardwood and the pitch, and we are hard at work on our 2020 baseball magazine for Hattiesburg Impact. It is going to be a fun upcoming few weeks as playoff pushes begin and preparation for an exciting season of baseball begins.

That makes me wonder, Is it back to normal, then?

What happened, Southern Miss?


That’s what I was as I watched Southern Miss give up 30 unanswered points and 24 third-quarter points to fall to Tulane 30-13 in the Armed Forces Bowl Saturday. If you had told me after the first quarter that Tulane would have made that type of comeback I probably would have laughed at you. After 15 minutes of play, it appeared Southern Miss was going to win in blowout fashion. A De’Michael Harris hamstring injury, then a Jack Abraham absence in the second half completely changed the tide. However, I don’t think that is the only thing.

The momentum changed seemingly on the third drive of the game. Looking back and rewatching the game, the whole offense looked different. Gone was throwing the ball all over the field, and the run game between the tackles came about. In case you were wondering, that did not work.

I’m a big believer in having a run game, but the more I walk away from that game, the more I’m perplexed on why the change happened in the blink of an eye. Once Abraham appeared to hurt his shoulder, it was too late. Tate Whatley coming in seemingly unprepared and cold did not help.

One has to wonder what could have been with this season. What probably should have been a 10-win season and bowl victory on paper turned into a seven-win season with a frustrating bowl loss. I don’t blame Southern Miss fans for being upset.

Here we go again

Death. Taxes. Green Bay and Seattle playing one another in the playoffs.

It seemed like throughout the 2010s that this was a normal thing. Sherman vs. Rodgers, the Legion of Boom vs. McCarthy’s high-octane offense. These two teams have had their share of great contests and it looks like it will be no different in the 2020s.

I believe my Packers are a weak 13-3 team, but nothing would please me more than to beat Seattle on a cold, icy night at Lambeau Field. It sure won’t be easy, though.

Russell Wilson could make a case for NFL MVP if Baltimore’s Lamar Jackson was not putting up video game numbers, and the addition of Marshawn Lynch will give our front seven fits. If Green Bay wins, I hope Minnesota still has its golden horseshoe for one more week to get by San Francisco who is the best team in the NFC. After that, they can lose it and Aaron Rodgers can get his shot at that second Super Bowl to cement his legacy as a top-five quarterback of all time.

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