Click the link below to listen to our Sports601 Podcast (MS/AL and North/South All-Star rosters released, discussion of the California State Law dealing with college athletics and a preview of Week 7 of the MHSAA/MAIS football season) here.

Season 1, Episode 7 is now available. James Pugh and Kevan Lindsey discuss Week 7 of the MHSAA/MAIS football season, the release of the MS/AL and North/South All-Star rosters and the California bill signed into law regarding college athletics.

LINK: https://anchor.fm/sports601podcast/episodes/MSAL-and-NorthSouth-All-Star-rosters-released--discussion-of-the-California-State-Law-dealing-with-college-athletics-and-a-preview-of-Week-7-of-the-MHSAAMAIS-football-season---Season-1--Episode-7-e5p9uu

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