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Deep South Summer Collegiate League looks to showcase more than 150 players on the baseball diamond

Gulfport Assistant Baseball Coach Colton Caver has been around the diamond for quite some time. As an assistant coach who also helped during summer league baseball time, he noticed most leagues falling by the wayside due to COVID-19. That is why he took initiative by founding the Deep South Summer Collegiate League.

“We wanted to create a collegiate league for college baseball players or kids going to college that was seniors in high school. We are going to have eight teams and currently, we have over 150 players signed up right now. They are mainly from Mississippi, but we have kids from Division-I, Division-II, and several junior colleges represented,” said Caver.

There are many local names littered throughout the league that fans in the Sports601 coverage area will recognize, including players from Pearl River Community College, Jones College, the University of Southern Mississippi, Mississippi State, with many who played at high schools nearby.

“I’ve been doing travel high school summer league games - or showcase games - for about four years now. I have a lot of players who are playing college ball now and several started calling me asking about a league and even creating one. The goal was creating four teams and now we are double that, so it has been pretty successful,” explained Caver.

At the current time, the league will be played in the Hattiesburg area on high school fields, though the fields and schedules have not been formally announced yet. Caver is also in talks to have a championship series played at MGM Park, home of the Biloxi Shuckers.

“I feel like Hattiesburg is a great location for not only now, but the future. It is a college town and I feel like this is something we can continue to grow,” said Caver, “We have four high schools lined up in the area (Hattiesburg area) and once the governor expands gatherings to 50 people we will be good to go. We are expecting 20 to 22 games being played this summer. We actually might be playing a championship series at MGM Park to let the guys have the experience of playing in a minor league park.”

The Deep South Summer Collegiate League is aiming for a start date of June 13th, and hopefully, fans will be able to be in the stands.

“We are projecting by our start date that the limit will be 100 in social gatherings, so we are hoping fans can attend and still practice social distancing. We typically post things to our Twitter page, and we are working on a website so fans can purchase tickets online.”

To keep up to date with all things going on, follow the Deep South Summer Collegiate League on Twitter, @deep_league.

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